Hammill Outdoor Adventures


Blue Catfish

I target blue catfish in Badin lake and Lake Tillery year round.  These fish can grow very large and you can expect to catch fish from 5 lb. up to 70 lb.  My biggest blue so far is 75 lb. out of Badin lake.  Blues bite well year round, but my favorite times to fish for them are in the dead of winter during the daytime and in the summer fishing at night.  These fish fight hard and are a blast to catch.  I mainly use cut bait for blues, either shad or white perch.  You can expect to catch between 5 and 20 fish per trip. 

Flathead catfish

Flathead catfish are, in my opinion, the ultimate freshwater predator.  I target these fish mainly on high rock lake at night from late March throughout the warmer months with the springtime from April to June being the peak of the flathead bite.  My biggest flathead weighed 54 lb. and they can grow to push 80 lb.  This is the hardest fighting fish out there.  You can expect to catch between 2 and 8 fish per trip and these fish average 15 to 25 pounds, but 30 and 40 lb. fish aren't uncommon. 


Striped bass are a blast to catch and their schooling nature means that mutiple hookups aren't at all uncommon.  Hooking and landing 2-8 fish at one time is not uncommon.  I troll leadcore line with artificial lures for stripers, but will live bait fish for them if you prefer.  Stripers grow to about 30 lb. around here with the average fish being 4-8 lb. you can expect to catch between 4 and 15 fish per trip depending on the time of year.  I target stripers mainly in the spring from March through May and in the fall from late Sept through Dec.  Stripers become very lethargic when water temps get around 45 degrees and below and when water temps are extrememly high in the summer time.  Stripers are also excellent table fare and you may keep up to your limit to take home and eat.  I target stripers on Badin lake and High rock lake.  If you want numbers of fish, then Badin is the place to go, if you want a chance at a really big striper, then High rock is the place to go. 

White Perch

White perch are a smaller relative of the striper family and grow to about 2 pounds.  These fish school up in large numbers and catching large numbers of these fish is not uncommon.  They also make excellent table fare.  Catching 50 to 200 perch per day is not uncommon from May through August.  I target these fish on Badin lake and Lake Tillery.  There is no creel limit for white perch, so you may keep all that you want to take home and eat. 


Crappie fishing is excellent most of the year at Badin and Lake Tillery.  High rock has a huge population of crappie, but for bigger fish it's best to book a trip to Badin.  While the numbers at Badin aren't near as good as high rock, most of the fish caught out of Badin are keepers of at least 8 inches and most are well over that.  In the fall and winter the fish usually average 11 to 13 inches and we catch 2 lb crappie out of there regularly.  Fall and winter are the best times for big fish, but the spring bite is great too and summer morning and night trips are also available.  We fish at night under lights with live bait and catch a lot of fish including crappie, perch, stripers, bass, and catfish.  half day trips in the summer are spent jigging brush or trolling for crappie.  Fall trips are usually a combination of jigging brushpiles and trolling and in the winter trolling is the way to go, so if you want a cooler full of these tasty fish, give me a shout and let's go get 'em!